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Author of Into the White                                           – Scott’s Antarctic Odyssey….

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Joanna’s debut novel is a great success. She is passionate about stories of the great adventurers of Antarctic travel, and retells the story as if in the team. She retells how hard it was and how the team struggled but remained a team through perseverance and courage despite the desperate weather and conditions and the advancing Norwegian team. 

Joanna is a great person, full of enthusiasm and energy. Her own adventurous spirit and love of working with students is hugely successful in schools in both the UK and New Zealand.

Her own adventurous spirit and love of working with students is hugely successful in schools in both the UK and New Zealand.

Shortlisted for Best First Book Award for 2018 NZ Book for Children & Young Adults Awards

The first UK tour in October and November 2017 focussed on schools which originally supported Scott in 1920, from money for a pony to provisions and supplies.

Joanna Grochowicz, Author of Into the White, Scott’s Antarctic Odyssey. Image
Joanna delights and enthralls learners…

Schools were delighted to meet with Joanna and bring Scott’s endeavours to the students of 2017, bringing the past back to life.



Joanna received an overwhelming response and recommendations from head teachers.  You can read her testimonials here. (Example below…Ed.)

Bromsgrove Preparatory School were delighted to welcome Joanna Grochowicz to speak to our pupils about her new book: Into the White. Joanna delivered an engaging talk in our School Museum which houses one of the sledges from the expedition.

All of Year 7 (110 pupils) were able to experience an interactive and enlightening talk about this amazing quest. Joanna’s interpretation of the journey provided a fresh look at the evidence which reframed many of the stereotyped images that are held about Scott and his companions. Far from being a failed venture, the values of resilience and compassion were extoled to the pupils through the talk.

Year 7 had recently been studying weather and climate in Geography and this talk helped to frame their learning about these harsh climatic conditions. In addition to speaking to Year 7, Joanna also addressed all of Year 3.

They were enthralled by the props and slides that made this presentation an event which they will remember for a long time to come. The pupils enjoyed the talk so much that we are using it for our next pupil book club.

Judith Holden, Principal at Bromsgrove Preparatory School

Best thing to do is to read Into the White, it’s amazing!

Joanna Grochowicz was born in Auckland, New Zealand in 1972. Following a career as a business writer, Joanna decided to take the plunge and did a Masters in Creative Writing.

Into the White is her first book, and she is already writing a second, research and drafts are underway.

“People fascinate me. I love oddballs and misfits, saints and creeps, the selfish, the needy, the dreary, the nerdy and the enormous tangle of real life characters you come across in life. History offers a boundless source of fascinating characters to reanimate. It can be a wonderful thing to rehabilitate a great story – like restoring a dilapidated castle and making it magnificent again.” Joanna explains.

You can find classroom discussion ideas here on the pages of BgW.

For example…

1. Break your class into groups of three and ask each group to find answers to the following questions:

  • Who was Robert Falcon Scott?
  • What was the Terra Nova?
  • What do the Latin words ‘Terra Nova’ mean?
  • Why do you think Scott’s expedition was called this?
  • What were the main objectives of Scott’s 1910 – 12 expedition?
  • How is Roald Amundsen connected to Scott’s expedition?
  • Name three things that went wrong for Scott’s expedition.
  • Is Scott considered a hero or failure today?
  • Where is Scott’s diary kept?
  • What happened to the Terra Nova after the expedition?

2. Also you can find a great historical timeline for Antarctica here…

3. You can find a short film of Antarctic images below…

Canadian Geographic’s creative director Javier Frutos shares a slideshow of his favourite images from a recent trip to Antarctica.

4. Finally, get ready for Joanna’s book with this short film of aerial images from the most southerly continent.

A wonderful film we thought!


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