About BgW

‘Books go Walkabout is a global project uniting children with authors across the world’.

It brings an inspirational dimension to reading, literacy and cultural exchange. Children talk with authors across the world’. Books and great stories from different countries are read by children.

We distribute the books, creating an international book purchase and exchange mechanisms within the project…

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Our latest releases and reviews always available on the pages of Book Monitor…

Project planning for 2017 – 2018

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You can view, print or download a copy of our 2017 project leaflet here, to share with colleagues.

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If we can help to foster literacy, cross cultural understanding and ICT skills, all with a good book – just let us know.

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How to get started with BgW? See the short presentation below…

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A Kellet School thank you!

We were delighted to be able, as Books go Walkabout, to be part of the recent Book Fest celebrations for the school.

Below is a new short film from Kellet School, thanking contributors to the Annual Fund programme, as well as a short feature on the BgW contribution.  (See us at 2 mins 30 secs)…

Some great images, and the immense  amount of work generated by the Annual Fund programme is a tremendous compliment to this fine school and the enthusiasm of Kellet learners.

An Adobe Spark view of the recent BgW contribution:

Book Fest Hong Kong 2016

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Books and authors around the globe…

Conversations across the globe, with children and authors