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‘Books go Walkabout is a global project uniting children with authors across the world’.

It brings an inspirational dimension to reading, literacy and cultural exchange. Children talk with authors across the world’. Books and great stories from different countries are read by children.

We distribute the books, creating an international book purchase and exchange mechanisms within the project…

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Law Ting Pong – An International Local Secondary School in Tai Po, Hong Kong.

Located in an urban environment at the north of Hong Kong city, the school is close to Sai Kung and in the New Territories.

Waitng for a poetry session to begin – Sue Martin

Through our Books Go Walkabout projects in Hong Kong, we have made contacts with the school librarian and are working with the school to develop understanding of literacy, reading for pleasure, skills and knowledge for writing, and in using creativity and imagination.

Cheryl – stirring imaginations…

We have delivered Skype calls to Law Ting Pong, initially with poet Cheryl Moskowitz and are developing a portfolio of authors for further Skype calls and country visits.

The school was established in 1991 by the Law’s Foundation Ltd and has students who speak English and Chinese. Lessons are generally taught in English with approximately 50% of the students being Chinese speaking and 50% English speaking. They are a forward thinking school and students will be prepared for a global future in the 21st Century.

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We are really excited about working with Law Ting Pong, lots of great ideas to enable students to have a truly dual dimension working in both the English and Chinese language.

Image: The Law Ting Pong library

Our first Skype project at Law Ting Pong

October 2017 – Skype Calls for the Year 9 (age 14years) students with US/UK poet Cheryl Moskowitz, from London.

Three skype calls were arranged with Books Go Walkabout through Beth McNeilly, the school librarian. Over a period of about 4 weeks, the plans began to emerge about the direction of the conversations, the focus for the students and the activities that would take place.

But this great poetry book from BgW here…

Poetry was a literacy area that the students would be focussing on and activities, resources were planned to enable students to; read poetry, listen to Cheryl’s poems from her book, Can it Be About Me?, be involved in discussions , create a Cinquain or a sound poem, and to create an auto biographical poem by the students.

The three sessions went very well and students, became more animated and involved in writing a poem, especially using onomatopoeia.


Work, including poems was created and this has formed an important part of the student’s involvement in reading, poetry and in using the library as a place of reaching out into the wider world.

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We are featuring the work of Joanna Grochowicz in 2018

Review from The Scotsman – Scotland’s national newspaper
20th December 2017. The Scotsman said…

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“I’m just going outside and may be some time” were the last words of Lawrence Oates as, suffering from gangrene and severe frostbite, he stumbled out into a blizzard and died during Scott’s ill-fated return from the South Pole.

Into the White by Joanna Grochowicz (Publ: Allen and Unwin…buy a copy here at BgW) is an astonishing work of narrative non-fiction that charts the fascinating tale of the Terra Nova expedition. Brimming with interesting information and punctuated by original photographs from 1910-13 the reader is grounded in the reality of the story. The personalities of Scott and his crew are vividly brought to life in a way that fully brings home the human tragedy that took place”.

Read more in The Scotsman at: https://www.scotsman.com/lifestyle/culture/books/book-reviews-the-best-reads-for-teens-this-festive-season-1-4643704

See more of Joanna’s creative work as a non-fiction author for children and young people on the pages of Books go Walkabout

You can find more reviews and testimonials to the work of Joanna on our web pages here.

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The Children’s Bookshow is an annual tour of children’s authors and illustrators from the UK and abroad.

Sue Martin of Books go Walkabout was delighted, in 2017, to interview the Finnish author and illustrator, Timo Parvela and Virpi Talvitie, to celebrate this year’s tour.

Buy this book here…you’ll love it!

Their book Bicycling to the Moon is a wonderful story, beautifully illustrated by Virpi, that tells the the story of Purdy the Cat and Barker the Dog.

You can read Sue’s interview with this talented writer and illustrator here.

A wonderful window into great storytelling and the creative process.


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Project planning for 2018 – 2019

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