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Into the White, Scott’s Antarctic Odyssey
by Joanna Grochowicz

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The story of Robert Falcon Scott’s Terra Nova expedition and the memorable characters, who with a band of shaggy ponies and savage dogs, followed a man they trusted into the unknown.

By reading as well as listening to Joanna the students will gain a deep understanding of this momentous adventure, team work, perseverance and courage in the face of adversity.

Into the White, buy this book - image and web link
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Joanna’s debut novel is a great success. She is passionate about stories of the great adventurers of Antarctic travel, and retells the story as if in the team. She retells how hard it was and how the team struggled but remained a team through perseverance and courage despite the desperate weather and conditions and the advancing Dutch team. 

Joanna is a great person, full of enthusiasm and energy. Her own adventurous spirit and love of working with students is hugely successful in schools in both the UK and New Zealand.

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