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We are currently working to develop our project ‘map’ in both the U.S. and Africa. Finding schools, libraries or community organisations who we can support with BgW enthusiasm and professional resources.

Below is a list of some of the schools we have worked with in the past.

Law Ting Pong – An International Local Secondary School in Tai Po, Hong Kong.

Located in an urban environment at the north of Hong Kong city, the school is close to Sai Kung and in the New Territories.

Waitng for a poetry session to begin – Sue Martin

Through our Books Go Walkabout projects in Hong Kong, we have made contacts with the school librarian and are working with the school to develop understanding of literacy, reading for pleasure, skills and knowledge for writing, and in using creativity and imagination.

Cheryl – stirring imaginations…

We have delivered Skype calls to Law Ting Pong, initially with poet Cheryl Moskowitz and are developing a portfolio of authors for further Skype calls and country visits.

The school was established in 1991 by the Law’s Foundation Ltd and has students who speak English and Chinese. Lessons are generally taught in English with approximately 50% of the students being Chinese speaking and 50% English speaking. They are a forward thinking school and students will be prepared for a global future in the 21st Century.

See the school on-line here…

We are really excited about working with Law Ting Pong, lots of great ideas to enable students to have a truly dual dimension working in both the English and Chinese language.

Image: The Law Ting Pong library




The British International School in Hong Kong.

‘The British International School in Hong Kong. Our dynamic learning community was founded over thirty years ago as a Not-for-Profit Association to provide a high quality British style education for the English speaking community in Hong Kong. -‘

Ann Macdonald, Principal of Kellett School.

In 2010 Kellett School school was recognised by the UK Department for Education as providing an ‘outstanding’ education for children overseas.

There are now two campuses, Pok Fu Lam , and Kowloon Bay, which was opened in September 2013. This brand new campus has an amazing suite of facilities, classrooms, libraries and theatre plus swimming pool.

Books Go Walkabout is delighted to be working with the staff at the Kowloon Bay campus and with the Head of Preparatory, Jo Laufer.

As part of the Year 5 students’ recent project on China, we provided books from the Dragonkeeper trilogy by Carole Wilkinson from Australia and had a live video conversation with Carole and the children about the first book, The Dragonkeeper – writing about China and being an author in Australia.

A global project using modern technology but delving into the ancient past of the Han dynasty.

Babraham Cof E (VC) Primary School in Cambridgeshire

A village primary school for children from 4 – 11 years

Babraham is one of the smallest primary schools in Cambridgeshire and, one of the best!: No one is ever overlooked.

Our school, only a few miles from Cambridge is set in beautiful countryside. There’s always time and space and with the church and the park at the other side of the playing field it’s a wonderful rural environment.

Babraham welcomes children from a wide area and also extends to all parts of the world so we feel we are a global community and we all benefit from understanding different experiences.

Books Go Walkabout fits wonderfully with the school ethos and the children have been stars at reading and finding out more about Australia.

William Tyndale Primary School

London Borough of Islington

An inner city academy and primary school for 4- 11 years and a nursery. William Tyndale is in the heart of London and a busy, vibrant and dynamic school. The diverse community at the school is bubbling with enthusiasm.

The school has a creative approach to the curriculum and gained many accolades and awards. They are an ideal partner for our pilot in 2012/13.

In Australia – children and authors in conversation

Balgowlah Heights Public School, New South Wales, Australia for children aged 4- 11 years.

A beautiful, friendly school in New South Wales, between Manly and Sydney. There are about 500 children and they are taught in classrooms on a campus which has a bush walk and large rocks as part of the playground.

There is recognition of the Guringai people, the traditional owners of the land and the name is thought to come from the Aboriginal word, baulgora.

The school has a wonderful library and resources and is a great starting point for Books Go Walkabout in Australia.

In the USA – children and authors in conversation

Students at West Middle School, Muscatine, Iowa recently submitted their book reviews to us. We look forward to developing the conversation in 2016.

Books and reading across the world...
Books and reading across the world…

Conversations across the globe, with children and authors