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Ifeoma Onyefulu discusses her work with a Books go Walkabout project group of students…









This page contains analysis and detailed outcomes of the workshops and author delivery undertaken at the Kellet School Book Week event in May 2016.

Its content links to our planning and ideas page, where we work with the authors and artists in the programme to develop pre-event ideas and research themes to help students get the best from our programmed author visits.

bookIconImageProcurement and learning plan

As part of our project package Books go Walkabout procures, packs and delivers the key texts and books for the authors engaged in the visit, wherever needed in the world.

bookIconImageEarly access to books and ideas

We ensure the books are available in the school or community setting ahead of the author visits. Offering the best support we can in terms of pre-event planning and an early understanding of the text.

bookIconImageThe impact of planning and live ‘author discussion’

This early access to the printed work and the supportive analysis and developmental discussions with the authors help deliver the key learning impacts and the success of our international programme.

Workshop detail and outcome

Playing with Poetry – Cheryl Moskowitz
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‘ Cheryl used many different ways to create poems in a collaborative way, working with the whole class and in groups The Year 1 and 2 classes all created their own poetry and used a number of methods which were both creative and with structure.
The points below are a summary of the discussion and are intended for future use in classes or as guides to teachers own interpretations…’.



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Africa – Ifeoma Onyefulu
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‘Ifeoma worked with the Year 4 classes and looked at folk tales, the moral and how to write then as a story.
She gave a presentation on the characters, such as birds, ghost, the mother, the strong man and giving them a name.
She talked about the description and how that made an impact on the reader and enabled the reader to feel more in tune with the story. She talked about Africa and having lots of folk tales…’


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Understanding a new culture – Ifeoma Onyefulu
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‘Ifeoma worked with the Reception classes on her books in the series A is for Africa, including My Grandfather is a Magician. She talked with all the classes about Africa and the images in the books, the people and what they were doing, relating that to activities that the children would also be doing, like the food, the homes, the alphabet.
The classes were very creative about her work and developed the ideas into tables of African objects, a tableau of pictures and the images that Ifeoma had used. They also wrote a sentence about the relationships in families and drew a picture of their own family or from the story…’

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Story writing Skills – Carole Wilkinson
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‘The research of a story based on historical facts is important. As the story will be fictional the intrigue will be in the adaption of ideas and summarising a plot and story around known events and characters.
Carole’s first idea was about wanting to write a story about Ancient China, how it was set in a time span and looking at the characters and lives of people at that time.

There is a lot of reading, with really detailed investigations about daily life, the clothes they wore and food they ate…’

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Researching historical settings – Carole Wilkinson
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‘Carole worked with the Year 3 classes who were studying Ancient Egypt. As a starter she had a presentation with photos and images of secondary sources, such as pyramids, painting, hieroglyphics, temples and palaces.

She talked about the problems then of delivering the wealth of the Pharaohs into the pyramids and the reason for the Valley of the Kings.

She talked about the scraps of pots that wereused for writing notes and how useful they were in finding more evidence about life at that time…’

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Books and reading across the world…


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