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Getting the best from your creative work and author visit…

Here are a set of resources and ideas to help you get the best from your Books goWalkabout project experience.

  • We develop resources for each book which are freely available for each project.
  • Resources can also be used direct from authors and publishers websites.
  • We hope the resources are a good source of ideas, information and research. We are always grateful for a mention in any publications which have used the materials.

You will find some general resources, as well as specific help with individual author contributions, how to write a story, research and develop a storyline from another culture.

Each section offers you a detailed, downloadable page of notes.

Enjoy the BGW author experience. A novel learning experience in an international context.

Story writing skills

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Carole Wilkinson is an award winning author from Australia. She has written over 30 books, many are for children of between 9 – 15 years. Her most famous series is The Dragonkeeper series which are set in the Han Dynasty in 141 BC, the year that Emperor Jingdi died and his young son Wudi took over as Emperor.
Carole travels and delivers talks and lectures on her books in her home country of Australia, and also in China.

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Research and historical settings (China)

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Using Dragon Dawn as a guide to starting a story, read the alphabet at the back of the book, this will act as a guide in understanding something of the culture at that time.

Working with the idea that dragons in China were friendly, look at other stories with dragons and how most are not friendly.

There is a lot of reading, with really detailed investigations about daily life, the clothes that were wore and food that was eaten.

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Research and historical settings (Africa)

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Carole Wilkinson has written stories based in Egypt and has a well-known series about Ramose, a prince who was fighting for his position as a rightful heir.

The following ideas for the classroom are part of the Bookweek Programme at Kellett International School in Hong Kong.



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Stories from other cultures

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Ifeoma Onyefulu is an award winning author of children’s’ books, bringing the colour and vibrancy of Africa to life in her books.

The following ideas for the classroom are part of the Bookweek Programme at Kellett International School in Hong Kong.

Along with authors Carole Wilkinson and Cheryl Moskowitz Books Go Walkabout is delivering a week of authors and books in May 2016.

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Other cultures? (Africa)

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Find the continent of Africa on the globe or on Google Earth. It is the second largest continent in the world after Asia and there are 59 states in Africa.

How far is Africa from you? Can you find the flags of some of the different countries? Can you find some of the cities in Africa? Can you find out about the countryside in one of the countries and village life?

What do you know about the people from Africa?

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Writing Poetry

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Cheryl Moskowitz writes poetry, plays and fiction for adults and for children. She works regluarly as a writer and storyteller in schools in the UK and abroad. Her poetry for children has featured on BBC TV’s A Bear Behind and CBeebies Poetry Pie series.

Cheryl is a poet, novelist, translator, and a facilitator of writing for children and adults. She works with various organisations including the Poetry Society, the Poetry School, Create Arts, Turtle Key Arts, TEXT Writers in Schools, the Samaritans, and the British Council.

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Using SKYPE to make contact and create conversations…

Don’t forget that the BgW Team has the expertise and technology to help you facilitate author and illustrator conversations, in real time, but through the medium of your laptop or school network.

Use our contact us page if you would like to explore this option as part of an exciting lesson delivery in your setting.

(Skype is a brand name from the Microsoft Corporation – the service is now available on-line as a web service in your browser – no downloads needed.)


Books and reading across the world...
Books and reading across the world…

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