How It Works

Cheryl working with Year 2
Poet and writer Cheryl Moskowitx working with a Year 2 group….

To start a Books Go Walkabout project make contact with our team in Cambridge UK. See more here

We can set up a project within a few weeks or over a period of months. Either way we make sure that your project brings books, authors and children together from across the world.

We bring authors directly into your school and organise a Book Fest or literacy programme.

We establish live video links between authors and the children in your centre or school.

Book Festivals and Literacy Programmes

Before the Event…

  • We arrange a visit or conversation with your team, via remote video link, to plan the authors, books and the student activities. We link with your curriculum and offer books and authors that will bring added benefit to students learning.
  • Books for students are sent to the school ahead of the main event.
  • Class teachers and librarians receive preparation materials and support.
  • Authors are involved in the preparation, getting to know the school and how their books will be used.
  • Publishers support in establishing authors, books and materials.

The cost for events is dependent on individual programmes, and we meet with the school leaders to ensure the project and costs meet school requirements.

We discuss with the school management teams and business managers  all administration aspects, including resourcing, travel arrangements and author costs.

We always bring an aspect of social benefit to each project, this can be for a charity or cause that the school supports or we work to bring books and education to children in Nepal.

At the Event…

Whatever type of event you are considering we ensure that our team engages with all the staff, and makes best use of the venue space available at the time. We can work within school timetables and within accommodation of various styles.

Ifeoma with a Reception Class
Writer and photographer Ifeoma Onyefulu working with a Reception Class…

We organise the authors to classes, books to students, materials and resources to the school.

  • We use IT for students work and research, and with the students we use media techniques to record and broadcast to the school community, including parents and friends.
  • We constantly link to the curriculum, reading lists and future work for the school.
  • We create a portfolio of children’s work at the project for the website and the school.
  • We engage with all teaching and library staff to ensure the event is a success.
  • We evaluate the project with the management teams and staff for future benefit to the school.
  • We have the authors’ books available to sell to students.

After the event…

When we leave it is far from over as we stay in touch with the school..

Students make contact with authors via Books Go Walkabout.

We work with the school in future programmes to bring added value to the school curriculum and a love of reading and writing.

BgW team, a photo opportunity!
BgW team assemble in Hong Kong for a busy Book Fest…

Projects and events already prepared and ready to go for 4- 11 years…

Writing – using skills and creativity to improve writing

Reading – bringing books alive and how to support confidant readers

Early Years – starting out to read, finding a way into books

Non Fiction – How to use and create non- fiction titles with illustrations and different styles

Poetry – Being creative and skilful in writing and reading poetry

Dragons – Many, many ideas and books on dragons.

Individual School Projects – we can find good authors for your own ideas too! New ideas always welcome.

Books and reading across the world...
Books and reading across the world…

Conversations across the globe, with children and authors